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Streamline your travel and expense management processes

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Take charge of your organization’s expense and travel costs with Basware Travel & Expense Management solution: control costs before they are incurred, speed up the reimbursement process, improve employee satisfaction and ensure compliance through rapid end-user adoption.

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Ditch the spreadsheets and eliminate the paper. Receipts can be captured easily with your smartphone, and corporate card purchases are brought directly into the system – what could be easier?

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Travel and Expense Management: controlled, efficient and easy

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Basware Travel & Expense Management provides a solution place for enterprise-wide travel and expense automation. It supports complex travel rules to make the claims process more controlled and easier for everyone. With the new user experience, travelers and approvers can easily capture receipts digitally, approve plans and claims, and create expense claims - all from their mobile devices.

  • Control travel costs before they are incurred. With Basware Travel & Expense Management, employees can create a travel plan, including a cost estimate, to have approved prior to booking travel. Cost Center managers can quickly approve travel plans from their smartphone or tablet to take advantage of early booking discounts.

  • Capture expenses with camera on phone or tablet: Take photos of receipts during business trips, and have them readily available when creating expense claims. All this can be done on the go using a smartphone or tablet.

  • Claim expenses more easily via integration with corporate credit cards. Purchases made using corporate credit cards or travel accounts are automatically brought into Basware’s travel and expenses system.

  • Receive notifications when expenses are ready to be claimed. Email notifications alert employees when corporate card purchase items have arrived in the system and can be added to a claim.

  • Easily create travel expenses based on existing travel plans. Basware Travel & Expense can automatically match claims to plans and approve claims within set tolerances.

  • Ensure per diems and vehicle usage costs are reimbursed correctly. Built-in rules calculate per diems and vehicle usage costs according to local legislation, collective agreements and company policy – removing the need for guess work and minimizing opportunities for fraud.

  • Allocate costs flexibly. Entire expense claims or single expense items can be split to asign costs to different cost centers, projects or clients.
  • Case Study: Atea

    Atea deployed Basware Travel and Expense Management as part of their full purchase-to-pay solution.

    They have been happy with the intuitive UI: "All 2,500 of our employees have been able to use it. It's incredibly simple and user-friendly."

    They have enjoyed faster expense report filing: "It's just brilliant because our employees are...billing their expenses as quickly as possible:"



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Travel and Expense Management


Managing a global business can be complicated, managing your travel & expense costs shouldn’t be.

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